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Charles Bonnet Syndrome

About Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS)

Photogrpah of how a visual disturbance may appear

CBS or ‘Phantom Visions’ as the syndrome is often called, can be a very worrying side effect of sight loss, where the brain tries to compensate for not seeing by creating visual hallucinations or sees things which are not really there. They may be simple images such as grids and patterns, or elaborate, complex images of objects including animals, people or landscapes. 

Charles Bonnet hallucinations are not a sign of dementia or any other sort of mental illness. They are a normal response of the brain to the loss of vision.

People who experience these hallucinations can benefit from attending our support group.

There is also a national website for a Campaign Group called Esme's Umbrella There is lots of useful information about this condition on the site, and their aim is work towards a greater awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome. They also have a very useful leaflet that you can download to take to your Doctor if you suspect that you may have Charles Bonnet Syndrome in case they have not yet encountered the condition.

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