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Photograph of Jenny

Volunteers play a vital part in the operation of SRSB and RSS and we just could not operate without them. They help in all kinds of ways, from fundraising to staffing the busy activity centre and they all give their time freely. Jenny is one of them helping out on reception duties with our staff member Carol.

In the past year lots of visitors and clients ringing the Mappin Street centre will have experienced Jenny’s friendly welcome. She comes in to help usually twice a week and chose SRSB when she was looking for a volunteering role.

“My youngest daughter of three had started secondary school and I was looking for something to do outside home. But it needed to be something flexible because my husband works away and we tend to take a lot of holidays, so this is perfect for me,” said Jenny

“I run a Brownie group too and Sue Coggin, SRSB's Fundraising Manager, had come in to talk to them so I already knew about the work of SRSB.

“I really enjoy it. Having been at home with the children for so many years it is nice to have adult company, and it is very diverse adult company. We get a lot of different people coming in and I like the variety of the role.”

Helping on reception is ideal for Jenny but there are many other ways volunteers can help. The first contact for anyone like Jenny interested in learning about opportunities is Debbie our Volunteer Coordinator.

Debbie says “Please get in touch if you would like to be part of a very welcoming team. The positive difference you could make is both amazing and appreciated.”

In 2018 volunteers like Jenny contributed the equivalent of over 20,000 hours to their roles within SRSB and RSS – so they are a priceless asset.  And like Jenny they enjoy giving their time.

“I would definitely encourage people to come and help. It’s good to feel you are giving something back, none of us know when we need help, and so many people benefit from it.

“I have also gained something from the volunteering. The visual awareness course I did when I began volunteering was an education for me.”

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Photograph of a meeting in the centre

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