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Sheffield VI Baseball

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Visually Impaired Baseball


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If you are interested in finding out more or booking a place please contact 0114 272 2757 or email

There is some transport available from SRSB and RSS. Booking essential.

Baseball is a fast growing visually impaired sport in the UK, with new teams and opportunities to play being developed all over the country. Blind baseball is amazing to experience; batting, fielding, running between bases, all of these are present in the VI version of the sport. If you don’t believe you can hit a ball or run to a base, let us convince you otherwise, whether you are 16 or 72! We have excellent coaches from national and local organisations working with players of all abilities in Sheffield.

The balls have bells to assist with location and direction, and holes where you can grip a ball securely to line up a hit or throw. You hold the ball yourself and have three attempts to hit it into a defined field of play which covers half of a normal baseball diamond. Once you have a good hit, off you go around the four bases, each of which has a unique sound and a helper to line you up for your run to the next base, and stop you safely when you get there! Get round all four for a home run and a cheer from your team mates. Or, if fielding, use your coached skills to capture the ball and throw to the sighted fielder on second base.  

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