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Testimonials from Work Experience Placements

Quote from Danielle who carried out a placement at SRSB:

Photo of Danielle 

“Thank you all for welcoming me into the team and taking the time to help me! I have had an amazing time and the work you do is so valuable. I wish you all the best"



Quote from Joseph who carried out a Marketing placement at SRSB:

 Photograph of Joseph

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone at SRSB for being so welcoming to me on my weeks placement here. The placement itself was such a great experience for me as it gave the opportunity to get a real insight into marketing and fundraising for a charity which I hope to apply to my future career within marketing; this included learning how to create a press release, going to local radio stations to promote events, I even got to drive a car blindfolded! The placement was everything I could have asked for and more and at the same time it’s all for an amazing cause! No matter where you go at SRSB you’ll always find an inspirational person/story. Thank you."


Quote from Maryam who carried out a Social Work placement at SRSB:

 Photograph of Maryam

SRSB has been a great placement! The team was very helpful and supportive; they made me feel like I am part of the team. I have been involved in different responsibilities within the community, I believe this placement has given me the great opportunity to make a difference in client's lives; this has helped me build my confidence and my potential in being a future Social Worker."


Quote from Helen who carried out an Occupational Therapy work placement at SRSB:

 Photograph of Helen

“Thank you everyone for providing such a welcoming and helpful environment to work within. This placement has given me the opportunity to create and implement an Occupational Therapy intervention within the local community. I have developed practical, key skills that will be invaluable in future practice.

I feel really privileged to have worked with such inspiring people - both clients and staff. Great work!" 

Quote from Adele who carried out an Occupational Therapy work placement at SRSB:

Photograph of Adele 

SRSB is a fantastic organisation that has improved my learning from both a professional and personal level. During my 13 week placement I have been fortunate enough to see the potential for further Occupational Therapy interventions along with the impact of my own. I feel my OT skills have developed significantly and I can only but thank SRSB for that opportunity. See you all again in Septemeber for the Skydive!"

Quote from Ella who carried out her first social work placement for Learning Disability Nursing and Generic Social Work at SRSB:

 Photograph of Ella

SRSB has been an amazing placement! I have really felt welcomed by the team. I have been involved in completing initial assessments, making referrals and providing practical and social support for people with a visual impairment. I believe this placement has allowed me to make a positive difference in people’s lives and I have had the opportunity to really get to know the clients and their needs. The staff team have been very supportive and I would highly recommend this as a placement."

Quote from Charlee who carried out an Occupational Therapy (OT) placement at SRSB:

 Photograph of Charlee

Whilst completing my placement at Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind, I have designed and completed an exercise program for several clients who attend the activity centre on Tuesday. I would like to thank everyone in the organisation for all the support over the 13 weeks I was there to make the placement as successful as possible. It a fabulous place to work with loads of friendly faces to help you out whenever you need a hand!!

Quote from Rosie who carried out a Social Work placement at SRSB:

Photograph of SRSB work placment student

“Never have I met a team that is both so individually and collectively wonderful!! Thank you for making my time at SRSB so enjoyable and supportive. Also thank you for making me feel so welcomed and included into the team. You have set a very high precedence for my future employer.”

Quote from Hayley who carried out a Social Work placement at SRSB:

Photograph of work placment student

“You have all been so wonderful to work with… I can’t wait to come back as a volunteer.”

Quote from David who carried out an Occupational Therapy (OT) work placement at SRSB:

Photograph of work placement student David

“Thank you for making the placement so enjoyable. You have all been very friendly and welcoming and I believe that my OT skills have really benefitted since coming here.“

Quote from Alex who carried out an Occupational Therapy (OT) work placement at SRSB:

Photograph of work placement student Alex “Thank you all for being so helpful supportive and friendly throughout this placement. I really had a fantastic time and learnt so much along the way. The things that I have learnt will be invaluable to my future placements and career. SRSB has been a great place to be. It is the clients, staff and volunteers that have made this placement so great.”

Quote from a School Work Experience placement at SRSB:

One young girl wrote in a thank you card; “Thank you for having me – I had a great time and I will come again in the future.  Thank you for everything”.  Another one wrote; “Thank you for making my time at SRSB very happy and for looking after me, it’s been a pleasure and I will be returning in the holidays”. 

Quote from a Social Work Student placement at SRSB:

One of our past students commented; “I thoroughly enjoyed my time at SRSB, I felt entirely part of the team and loved the ethos of being part of a voluntary organisation with the feel of equality throughout staff and clients.  I would highly recommend SRSB as a placement for a thorough, all round experience and grounding of working with a disability and working within the voluntary sector.  SRSB’s welcoming feel is such a credit to the staff, it’s success and it felt great to be part of that team”.

Quote from a Health & Social Care placement at SRSB:

“I’m amazed how much clients can do, even though they’re visually impaired”.  “What an eye opener”. “I never knew you did all this”.  “I’ve really enjoyed the whole experience – thank you”.


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