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Tom Monaghan

Photograph of Tom with a client

Tom is one of SRSB’s volunteers. We are very lucky that many of our volunteers stay with us for a long time and Tom is a great example as he has been volunteering for us for 8 years!

He used to work as an IT Business Analyst near our Mappin Street Centre, and one day he happened to notice a request in the window asking for volunteers.

Tom popped in and spoke to Dyane Midgley (SRSB’s Volunteer & Training Co-ordinator) and explained that he

worked in IT and would like to do something worthwhile with his experience.

Tom quickly became established as an IT Volunteer and provides an invaluable service to our clients by helping with all manner of IT related problems, PC fixes, some tuition, software installations, broadband setups, setting up GUIDE, installing printers and troubleshooting.

Our clients' always sing Tom’s praises and are very appreciative of the help advice and support that he gives. Dyane comments “Tom has a wonderful calming nature, he's friendly and very good at what he does, so doesn't get phased.  He's very accommodating, always trying to support clients as quickly as he can, even if it means a second or a third visit because he has to get 'something' for the job in hand. Every client that he's been to have always remarked what a lovely young man he is; they're not wrong.”

Tom wanted to volunteer in an area that he has expertise in, and where there seemed to be a shortage of help. Being aware that disadvantaged and vulnerable groups can benefit from his experience has meant that he feels he is doing something beneficial. It is a win-win situation because during the years that Tom has been with us he's realised that teaching is his vocation.  He's now embarked on a new career still working with computers, but now learning how to teach.

He is also happy to support new volunteers at SRSB in this role and pass on his knowledge as they get used to the role.

Tom says “SRSB is a wonderful organisation, I’ve helped and met some amazing people and I’ve learnt just as much in the process. Supporting SRSB has helped me to consolidate my working ethics and to forge a career in teaching for a social purpose identity.”







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